Friday, October 22, 2010


Let the priest in surplice white
That defunctive music can,
Be the death-divining swan,
Lest the requiem lack his right.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Next week, Agra Satria and Yasmina Y. will exhibit with many other young and talented artist to celebrate the festivity of Indonesian Mask heritage. The event will take place at Alun-Alun Indonesia 13-22 August 2010. for more information please visit

The participating artist are:
Ari Buy
Aditya Wijanarko
Agra Satria
Anastasia Yakubenka
Andy F. Naya
Antya Purna Duhita
Dibya Sumendap
Diela Maharani
Eko Bintang
Global Port
Gwendoline Winarno
Future 10
Ika Putanto
Iwet Ramadhan
Jacky Suharto
Kesya Moedz
M. Hendra Permana
Magic Happens
MArishka Seokarna
Mieke Amalia
Monica Hapsari
Nicolie PAtricia Malina
Peggy Melati Sukma
Philip Kwok
Rahmah Umayah
Rama Dauhan
Ray Sahetapy
Rege Indrastudianto
Richie Ned HAnsel
RIma Melati
Sanchia Hamidjaja
Sapto Djokokartiko
SArah Jane (Saz)
Sim F.
Soraya Haque
Syagini Ratna Wulan
Tiara Adikisumah
Titik Ide
Tora Sudiro
Yasmina Yustiviani
Yaviz Basalamah


On Last March, G.H.O.S.T's 'Band of the Witches' Lilith was seen wrapped on Imogen Heap's* neck. It was exhilarating!! Her songs have been our most favorite since we were in the second year of college. And later on her first appearance on the stage, surprisingly she wore Yesy's JVSTIFY kimono.
What a double treat indeed.
That night was such a blessing for us. We love her so much!

*)Imogen heap is a Grammy Award-winning British singer and songwriter frm Romford, Havering. She is known not only for her work as part of Frou Frou but also her solo albums which she writes, produces and mixes.


Jvstify on the run! Here are pictures of what was going on on our booth on the 5th brightspot market this 8-11 July 2010. It was so much fun! We couldn't make it without the help of dinda, popo, muchil, achie, agra, tommy and luthfie. Thanks a bunch guys! We're hoping to see you all on the next BRIGHTSPOT MARKET!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


These caves of pleasant dreams

Might soothe your troubled heart
But nightmares often break the seams

To play a different part

This, not pixie dust I drink

Transcends their playful breath

This wondrous mist, mysterious link

To birth and life and death

O travelers! Enter if you dare!

Through these windows you may peer

This realm exists for all to share

A gift to hold so dear!

- Theo van Joolen

Unveil the JVSTIFY's land of dream and nightmare on brightspot market this 8-11 July 2010!